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Web Hosting - things to consider

My Web hosting History considered

As an owner of many domain names and web sites I want to give you a few points for your consideration before you sign up to get a new domain name or sign up for web hosting.

When you realize the potential of the Internet you easily come in need of several websites, each with their special profile and of course each with a good domain name.

Many people have realized that and the need for multiple domain hosting has become clear. Some web hosting companies offer discounted rates when you sign up for more than one domain. Some people find the solution to hire a 'dedicated server' so they have a server for their own websites without any competition for space and bandwidth (traffic) from others. But these solutions are rather expensive.

In my case I added new websites by the way during the years and often had them hosted at the company that seemed to be giving me the best offer at the time of purchasing the domain. This ended up in a very complex situation.

The domain names I bought but didn't have the time to elaborate with a home page I finally moved to DirectNic that offers domain name hosting for just 15 USD a year and the option of having a free website up 20 MB of space and free traffic and statistics included. You just had to accept a banner at the top and bottom of each webpage. In this way it became easier for me to quickly develop small websites for domains I already owned.

But at the end of 2004 I came across a much better solution I am now moving over to.

Multiple domain hosting

The company New Web Sites (NWS) offers multiple domain name hosting and multiple web hosting with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. You can host up to 200 domains for a very reasonable fee. In fact I doubted this offer very much as I found it too good.

I went to a number of online discussion groups about web hosting to find out what people were saying about this company.

With a few minor exceptions all claimed very good experience of using NWS. Finally I decided to make the big move. I will reduce my total costs by changing my domain name provider to GoDaddy and the hosting of all websites to NWS.

As a photographer I have a rather big photo website A-Z Fotos hosted at an expensive web hosting provider with good service and security but new fees adding up every time I am successful building additional pages and getting more traffic.

If NWS will be as good as I expect at the moment I intend to switch to that web hosting provider also for my photo website.

With the use of AD-Sense from Google you can easily have the full expense of using NWS covered.

I will keep you up-dated here about my experience with cheap web hosting and domain hosting in general.

Building a successful website

Among my different web hosting providers I still enjoy the Site Build It (SBI) service developed by Ken Evoy and I will keep that.

The SBI solution is a whole solution to develop a successful website and internet business, also to a reasonable price. Alone the tools and ideas are more value than the actual cost of the website. I make use of all this service from SBI to my many other websites, including educational websites, websites about nature and about marketing.

Also at SBI we have unlimited space and traffic. This is interesting as the idea of SBI is in fact to optimize the traffic and success of each website owner. The owners are typical common people with a dream of developing their own business. With the SBI solution most are surprisingly successful. But they need to follow the steps developed by Ken Evoy to website success. I have learned quite a lot just from these case studies.

Soren Breiting

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